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This year I turned 70 years old and I have decided to slowly market my collection of firearms. I will be starting with the guns that I have only a little bit of attachment to and the guns that are lesser in value. As time permits, and I talk myself into it, I will market some of the more rare and higher priced items until I finally get to the guns that I simply will not part with as long as I am still around.

Enjoy, and give us a call if you find a gun you need.

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Our office hours are Monday thru Thursday, 8 to 4:50 east coast time. Be sure to call, as we are out of the office sometimes looking at collections or attending gun shows.


Items in GREEN are the most recent additions to the page.

Items in MAROON reflect recent price reductions or special sale prices.




4KPC Burnside 5th Model 54 Caliber Civil War Carbine With 21" Barrel, Antique, Barrel Retains 99% Blue, Bright Bore, Right Side Has 98% Case, Left Side 80%, Hammer 95%, 85% Bright Blue, Wood Nice, Great Cartouches, Issued To 4th Wisconsin Volunteer Cavalry $3,500.00

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5KPC Mass. Arms Co., Maynard 2nd Model Civil War 50 Caliber Carbine With 20" Barrel, Antique, Barrel Retains 99% Blue With Touch Of Frosting, Minty Bore, Receiver 95% Case Colors, Wood Is 98% With A Few Marks, Two Beautiful Cartouches, Great Gun $3,500.00

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11KPC Remington No.1 Sporting Rifle, 50 Caliber Single Shot Rifle With 28 3/4" Heavy Octagon Barrel, Antique, Retains 98% Case Colors On Receiver And Forend Cap, 60% On Buttplate, Minty Bore, Barrel Not Marked Remington But In Grant's Single Shot Rifle Book, Page 116, Similar Guns Are Noted As Not Being Remington Marked On The Barrel, Barrel Marked 50 CTGE, Serial Number On Barrel Same As Tang And The Same Style Of Numbering, Single Set Trigger, Two Rear Sights, One Is Fixed And One Is Vertical Disc Sight, Special Front Sight, Wood 98% With A Few Light Marks, Awesome Remington


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9KPC Winchester Model 1885 High Wall, 32/40 Single Shot Rifle With 30" Octagon Barrel, #3 Barrel, Receiver Retains 98% Original Case Colors With Slight Frosting, Buttplate 40%, Barrel 95% Blue With Some Marks Around Front Sight, Wood Is 98% With A Few Marks, Minty Bore, Lyman Tang Sight, Antique, Made In 1890, With Cody Letter


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10KPC Winchester Model 1885 Lo-Wall, Scarce 22WCF, Single Shot Rifle With 26" Octagon Barrel, Antique, 1892, Receiver Retains 98% Case Colors, Barrel Is 96% Blue, #1 Barrel, Wood Has 88% Finish, Some Marks From Use, A Couple Of Heavy Dents, Lovely Bore, Factory Letter


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6KPC Winchester Model 1885 Lowall(Winder Musket), 22 Short Single Shot With 28" Barrel, 125XXX Serial Range, C&R, Barrel Is 99% And Mint, Receiver Is 95% With A Touch Of Flaking, Nice Wood At 98%, Nice Gun, Martially Marked


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