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The IWA Show 2004

Cherry’s has been attending the IWA Show in Nurnberg, Germany since 1992.  It is the European Shot Show where all the manufacturers, distributors and dealers come to see what is new and old in the firearms business.  We are an attendee, working during the day with the manufacturers and dealers.  At night we have dinners with our collectors, and friends.  It is a thoroughly enjoyable show. 

 Gurney Brown, Cherry’s V.P. and Tunney Corbett, Cherry’s consultant, having an evening meal  at Minneci’s in Nurnberg.

Gurney Brown and Michael Parbst, Parbst & Son, Denmark.


Kevin Cherry and Michael Parbst. 

 “Little” Patrick Feige, The Duke, Remscheid, Germany, Gurney Brown and Falk Feige.


Kevin Cherry, Patrick Feige and Falk Feige

Tunney Corbett and Kevin Cherry 

Tunney Corbett and Gurney Brown 

One of the three churches in the “old” city of Nurnberg. 



Our favorite bratwurst stand in the old city. 


 An evening dinner with the Steuers and the Skogstads.


A few after dinner drinks with the Steuers and the Skogstads. 


 Petra, the evening shift lady at the Astoria Hotel who handles the reservations and the lounge..


 Kevin Cherry with representatives of the Air-Sea Services Company of Italy.


The clock tower in the old city. 


The rather ornate and bizarre fountain in the old city. 


Another shot of the fountain in the old city. 


 Another shot of one of the historic churches in the old city.


The weekend market in the old city.  This week it was vegetables and fruits. 


 Dinner with another group of our friends and customers, the Daruschs, the Schiessls, the Hackenbergs and the Klesshammers


Some after dinner drinks at the hotel with our same group of friends and customers. 


Another beautiful landmark with a wonderful restaurant in the basement. 


 Sylvia, the “boss” of Hotel Astoria and owner, along with husband Christian.


Petra Botschafter, employee of Hotel Astoria who handles all the work from 4 P.M. until closing.



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