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The IWA Show 2003


Here are a few shots from our IWA Show last year.  The IWA Show is the largest hunting related show in Europe and it is the Shot Show of Europe.  Cherry’s has been attending every year since 1992.  It is a great place to find deals you might not otherwise find in the U.S.


Gurney Brown, Cherry’s V.P. and Michael Parbst, Parbst & Son, Denmark.


The Frankonia Booth, a sporting goods giant in Germany.

Gurney Brown and Tunney Corbett(Cherry’s Consultant) at the bratwurst luncheon area of IWA.

The Pedersoli booth.

Dinner with the Daruschs, Hackenbergs, Schiessls and the Klesshammers.

More dinner.

Even more dinner.

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