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Italy Trip


Cherry’s has very close ties with Bottega Giovanelli and its owner, Cesare Giovanelli in Gardone, Italy.  In November of 2003, Dave Grunberg(friend, investor and customer) and Kevin Cherry visited with Cesare and his son-in-law Vincenzo Pedretti and head master engraver Dario Cortini.  We spent the day touring the facilities and designing the engraving for two upscale Colt single actions.  Bottega Giovanelli agreed to have Cherry’s serve as their exclusive agent for all engraving with the company.  We will be developing a whole section on our site devoted to the types, styles and possibilities of the bolino engraving work.

We also spent a day with Pierangelo Pedersoli of Davide Pedersoli & Company and discussed next year’s business.  Cherry’s has been selling Pedersoli products for about 10 years now.  Pictures show the cutting edge technology that Pierangelo utilizes in bringing us his fine reproductions.


 A picture of the lobby of Hotel Canoa, in Gardone, Italy


Dave Grunberg, Dario Cortini and Vincenzo discuss engraving designs.

Dave, Dario and Vincenzo. 

 Dave Grunberg in Pierangleo Pedersoli’s beautiful showroom at Davide Pederoli & Company.

Pierangelo’s gorgeous showroom. 

 Pierangelo on the phone with a vendor.


More of Pierangelo’s Showroom. 

 Still more of Pierangelo’s Showroom.

Pedersol’s state of the art manufacturing plant. 

More of Pedersoli’s plant. 

 More of Pedersoli’s Plant.

More of Pedersoli’s plant. 

More of Pedersoli’s Plant. 

More of Pedersoli’s Plant. 

These are stunning photos of Cesare Giovanelli’s home and engraving shops located on the side of the mountain in Gardone, Italy. 

 Part of Cesare Giovanelli’s personal residence.


 Overall view of the home and engraving studio.

 Main entrance to Cesare Giovanelli’s home.

Massive metal sculpture outside his home. 

 Sculptures at Mr. Giovanelli’s fountain represent his three daughters.

Sculptures at Mr. Giovanelli’s fountain represent his three daughters. 

The main entrance to Mr. Giovnaelli’s home. 

Metal sculpture in Mr. Giovanelli’s front yard. 

 The Eagle above Mr. Giovanelli’s home.

 Sculpture outside the business entrance of Bottega Giovanelli.

Inlad entry way to Mr. Giovanelli’s offices. 

 Examples of some of the engravings from Bottega Giovanelli.

More examples of Bottega Giovanelli work. 

                                        More examples of work.


More examples of their work. 

More examples of their work. 

Pictures of the engraving shop.  You don’t see anything this big in America. 

More pictures of the engraving shop. 

 Elena Micheli, Giovanelli’s translater, Dario Cortini, and the Cesare Giovanelli himself.

Dario, Elena, a plump Kevin Cherry and Cesare Giovanelli.

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