Cherry's is now offering import services for dealers, distributors and individuals who want to import firearms from outside of the country.

Our basic fees are $500 for up to 5 guns. There is an additional charge of $30 per gun beyond the five initial pieces. For large quantities of guns that a distributor or dealer may want to have us import, the basic service fee that Cherry's charges is 3% of the invoice value. This does not include any broker fees, freight, customs and duty clearance, product liability insurance fee, federal excise tax or shipping costs within the U.S.

The additional charges as mentioned above could be substantial, depending on the physical size of the shipment, the weight of the shipment, the value of the shipment and the distance it will be traveling. Our broker here in the U.S. is Airschott, Inc.

What is required for Cherry's to be able to get an approval form 6 from ATF?

1. We must have an invoice from the seller, which gives their company or individuals name, address, phone, fax and e-mail address. The invoice must be dated and give detailed descriptions of the gun, manufacturer, model number, caliber, type of gun, serial number and price.

2. In the event that this is a sale from a private person or a collection that is being inherited by relatives here in the U.S., we need a statement pertaining to the reason for the importation.

3. In the event that the guns are foreign military arms, we will need a special statement as to the whereabouts of the items for the last five years.

4. U.S. military surplus guns are not allowed to be imported at this time.

It can take up to 60 days to get the import permit. Once we have the import permit we will coordinate with Airschott, our broker, and a broker in your area so the merchandise can be shipped.

All items must be packaged in a cardboard type box. It is fine to put the firearms in a rifle or pistol hard case but those cases must be put into a quality cardboard box for shipping purposes. It will be up to the seller in their country to properly package the shipment.

All the firearms that are imported must be import marked with our name and address. This is the law. ATF requires that the mark be put in a place where it can be readily seen when the gun is assembled. Your guns would be stamped "CHERRY'S, INC, GSO, NC".

The only fee Cherry's may not charge would be for excise tax. American made guns made after 1919 are not charged any excise tax fee. American made guns made before 1919 are charged an excise tax fee of 10% on handguns and 11% on long guns. All foreign made firearms are subject to the same excise tax fee, regardless of manufacture date. Since Cherry's is not selling these items and only acting as importer of record, the person receiving the guns in the U.S. can decide not to pay the excise tax to Cherry's. However, Cherry's will require a signed statement from the person receiving the guns that they are aware that they are personally liable for the excise tax amount and are required to pay that fee directly to ATF.

The costs of the importation are put into a special formula that is approved by ATF. We can share that formula when we discuss an importation so you are aware of how the process works.

To be sure of the total cost of an importation we strongly suggest that a quote is made by the broker so the recipient here in the U.S. is aware of the total cost of the project. 

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