Cherry's offers export services for dealers, distributors and individuals.

Our fee is $400 which would cover five items on the export license. Anything over five items then it is an additional charge of $30 per item. The $400 only covers the cost of the license. This does NOT include fees such as freight from Cherry's to the freight forwarder, broker fees, airfreight to the destination or any duties to get the merchandise into the foreign country. Our fee is refundable in the event that the export application is denied.

This is required from the buyer in the foreign country:

1. We need a purchase order from the buyer which provides their name, address, phone number, fax number (if one is available) and an email address. The item/s being purchased must list the manufacturer, model number, type of firearm, caliber, barrel length and the purchase price. You must also state the end use on the purchase order: For instance, for your personal collection, or resale to collectors or shooters in your country. The purchase order must also have a current date.

2. The buyer must provide us with an original import certificate, or a notarized or certified copy of the same. This must be sent to us, NOT faxed, as we must have the original or certified or notarized copy in our possession.

3. If the import certificate is NOT in English, then we must have a certified or notarized translation of the import license. This must also be sent to us, NOT faxed.

4. We must also have a signed end used document which states that you are the ultimate end user and the firearms is for you.

Once we receive all the documents and payment, we will apply for the export permit. This can take from 30 to 60 days, depending on the amount of work the licensing agents are experiencing.

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