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79754PAR Browning Grade II Belgian 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle With 19" Barrel, 1971 Gun, Signed By L. Severin, Gun Appears New Except For Small Blemish On Forward Edge Of Receiver (See Photo), Lovely Wood, Has Correct Box & Label And Browning Pamphlet, C&R


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79753PAR Browning Grade III Belgian 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle With 19" Barrel, Signed By A. Marechal, 1970 Gun, Gun Appears New In The Original Box, Correct Label And Browning Pamphlet, Lovely Engraving


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79756PAR Browning Grade III Belgian 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle With 19" Barrel, Signed By L. Severin, 1970 Gun, Gun Appears New In The Box, Correct Box And End label, Has Hang Tag & Pamphlet


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65481 Colt SAA 357 Caliber Revolver With 7 1/2" Barrel, 3rd Generation, Gun Has 3/4+ Engraving Coverage By Samantha Cherry, Finished In Watt's Nickel Plate


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66019 Colt Single Action 45 Caliber Revolver With 4 3/4" Barrel, 3rd Generation, Engraved By Samantha Cherry, 3/4 Coverage, Gold Cylinder Band, Two Barrel Bands, Frame Partially Outlined In Gold, Gold Design On Backstrap, Turnbull Blue & Nitre Blue, With Box


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70357MCG Ferlach, Engraved 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 28.5" Barrels, Choked F/F, 1957 Gun, C&R, Nicely Engraved Side Plates With Game Scenes, Double Triggers, Auto Ejectors, Large Chip Missing At Right Side Of Top Tang, Small Crack And Repair On Top Left Of Tang, Comes With Luggage Case


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79950DIL Ithaca 5E, 12 Gauge Single Barrel Trap With 30" Barrel, Choked Imp.Mod., Barrel Is Reblued And Varnish Added On The Wood, Receiver Colors Very Mellow, Mechanically Fine, Ithaca Pad That Looks New, Lovely Engraving, C&R Gun, Elaborate Pistol Grip Cap


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70084SEY Parker Model DH, 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 30" Barrels, 1901 Production, C&R, 2 3/4" Chambers, Choked Full/Mod., Double Triggers, Extractors, No Finish On Receiver But Nice Engraving, Barrels 80% Dulling Blue, Nice Bores, Wood Is 75% Finish And Nice, Good Mechanics $2,995.00

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79320BOW U.S. Historical 1851 Navy, Jefferson Davis Tribute, 36 Caliber Percussion With 7 1/2" Barrel, Gun Is All Engraved, Finished In Blue, Case Colors And Silverplate, Comes With Engraved Shoulder Stock, Accoutrements And Case, Nice Looking, Serial #7 $1,995.00

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80045OCO Union Switch & Signal 1911A1, 45ACP Semi-Auto With 5" Barrel, Gun Appears All Correct, Some Slight Damage To Right Grip Panel, About 70% Overall Finish, Mfg. 1943, C&R $4,995.00

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