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89730STR Browning Citori Grade VI, 12 Gauge O/U Shotgun With 26" Barrels, 3" Chambers, Gun Is 98%+ Overall, Has 3 Removable Chokes & Wrench, Factory Browning Pad, Nicely Engraved Receiver With Gold Etched Birds


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89698THO Browning Olympian Grade 30/06 Bolt Action Rifle With 22" Barrel, Signed Both Sides Of Receiver By Dewil, Floor Plate Signed By Marechal, Trigger Guard Bow Bu Angelo Bee, Gun Is 99% And Beautiful, With Browning Hard Case, C&R


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65481 Colt SAA 357 Caliber Revolver With 7 1/2" Barrel, 3rd Generation, Gun Has 3/4+ Engraving Coverage By Samantha Cherry, Finished In Watt's Nickel Plate


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66019 Colt Single Action 45 Caliber Revolver With 4 3/4" Barrel, 3rd Generation, Engraved By Samantha Cherry, 3/4 Coverage, Gold Cylinder Band, Two Barrel Bands, Frame Partially Outlined In Gold, Gold Design On Backstrap, Turnbull Blue & Nitre Blue, With Box


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90065 Henry Repeating Arms, Henry Deluxe 2nd Edition H011D2, 44/40 Caliber Lever Action Rifle With 24 1/2" Barrel, Gun Is New In Box, Highly Engraved & Polished Receiver, High Gloss Blue Finish, Deluxe Walnut Stock


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70084SEY Parker Model DH, 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 30" Barrels, 1901 Production, C&R, 2 3/4" Chambers, Choked Full/Mod., Double Triggers, Extractors, No Finish On Receiver But Nice Engraving, Barrels 80% Dulling Blue, Nice Bores, Wood Is 75% Finish And Nice, Good Mechanics $2,995.00

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89846MAN Remington O/U Derringer, 41RF Caliber With 3" Barrels, Considered Antique, Gun Has Full Coverage Engraving, Unsigned, Nickel Plated, Mother Of Pearl Grips, (4) Rounds Of 41RF Ammo, Cased $1,750.00

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89845MAN Remington O/U Derringer, 41RF Caliber With 3" Barrels, Considered Antique, Gun Has Full Coverage Engraving, Lots Of Gold Line & Scroll Work By John Adams, Pearl Grips, (2) Dummy 41RF Rounds, Cased In Walnut Case $2,500.00

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89844MAN Remington O/U Derringer, 41RF Caliber With 3" Barrels, Considered Antique, Gun Has Full Coverage Engraving By John Adams, American Scroll, Some Gold Line Inlay, Three Gold Flower Inlays, Nice Looking Ivory, Cased In Walnut Case With Dummy 41RF Casings, Pretty Gun $2,500.00

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89325BRI Giovan Batista Zugno Blunderbuss, 1 3/8" At The Muzzle, Barrel 20 1/4", Original Flintlock, Stock Folds & Has The Belt Attachment, Engraved, Lovely Wood, Top Of Buttstock Brass Is Coming Up From The Wood, Italian Origin $7,500.00

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