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68542 Browning Renaissance High Power (T Series), 9MM Semi-Auto With 4 5/8" Barrel, Silver Grey Finish With Extensive Hand Engraving, Fixed Sights, Pearlite Grips, Gold Trigger, Round Hammer, 96-97% Overall, Circa 1967 $3,495.00

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67819HAW Colt 3rd Model Dragoon Consecutive Numbered Master Engraved Pair, 44 Caliber Percussion Revolvers With 7 1/2" Barrels Master Engraved By Ken Hurst, "C" Coverage, Gold Bands At Front & Rear Of Barrel, Frame And Hammer Gold Line Work, Lovely Ivory, Accessories Engraved, Guns Look New, With Case & Letter $8,750.00

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65480 Colt Model 1903, 32 Caliber Semi-Auto Pistol With 3.25" Barrel, Gun Engraved By Samantha Cherry, 3/4 Coverage, Finished By Turnbull Restoration, C&R, 1914 Gun $3,500.00

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65481 Colt SAA 357 Caliber Revolver With 7 1/2" Barrel, 3rd Generation, Gun Has 3/4+ Engraving Coverage By Samantha Cherry, Finished In Watt's Nickel Plate $3,995.00

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67914 Colt SAA 45 Caliber Single Action Revolver With 5.5" Barrel, Beautifully Engraved With 3/4 Coverage, Lovely Scrollwork, Finished Blue/Nickel, Real Pearl Grips, Pearl Scaling A Bit, 1957 Gun, C&R, Engraved By Roland J. Robidoux $3,500.00

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68524SOL Merkel 140-2.1 Safari, 375 H&H Double Rifle With 23 1/2" Barrels, Scalloped Receiver With African Game Scenes & Scrollwork, Anson & Deely Action, Beautiful Checkered Walnut With Cheekpiece, Double Triggers, Factory Sling Swivels, Cocking Indicator, 99% With Factory Luggage Case $10,500.00

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