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Our office hours are Monday thru Thursday, 8 to 4:50 east coast time. Be sure to call, as we are out of the office sometimes looking at collections or attending gun shows.


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70087THO Arrieta Gunmark Viscount, 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 28" Barrels, Double Trigger, Auto Ejectors, Choked Imp.Cyl./Mod., Fully Engraved Receiver, 98%+ Finish, Has Luggage Style Case, No Key For The Case $2,995.00

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69384PAT Browning Citori Grade VI, 12 Gauge O/U Shotgun With 26" Vent Rib Barrels, Invector Chokes, Single Select Trigger, Auto Ejectors, Beautifully Figured Checkered Walnut English Style Stock, Fully Engraved Receiver With (7) Gold Etched Animals, 99% Metal, 98% Wood, Circa 1991 Mfg $2,750.00

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69389PAT Browning Superposed Waterfowl American Mallard, 12 Gauge O/U Shotgun With 28" Vent Rib Barrels, Choked M/F, 2 3/4" Chambers, Single Select Trigger, Auto Ejectors, Deluxe Checkered Walnut, Hand Engraved, French Grey Receiver With 7 Gold Inlays, #98 Of 500, Minty Gun With Walnut Display Case $7,995.00

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70221BAR Colt Single Action Army 45 Caliber Revolver With 7 1/2" Barrel, From The Personal Collection Of Lash La Rue, Gun Was Built In 1897, Non-Factory Engraved By J.W. Thompson, 3/4 Coverage That Is Nice, Gripped In Steer Head Pearl, Gun Is Now 98% After The Nickel Refinish, Has An Original Letter From Lash La Rue Productions Identifying The Gun, Along With The Serial Number, Signed By Lash La Rue Himself And Notarized On July 3rd, 1995 In Florida, With Presentation Case $7,500.00

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65481 Colt SAA 357 Caliber Revolver With 7 1/2" Barrel, 3rd Generation, Gun Has 3/4+ Engraving Coverage By Samantha Cherry, Finished In Watt's Nickel Plate $3,995.00

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70321AGU FN Auto-5, Grade 4, 12 Gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun With (3) Sets Of Barrels, 1929-1930 Gun, Receiver Has A Great Deal Of Gold Work, The Blue On The Receiver Is 90% Soft Blue, Two Barrels Are Numbered To The Gun, The 3rd Barrel Is Not Numbered, Deluxe Wood, Later Pad, Early Browning 2-Barrel Case $3,750.00

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69383PAT Franz Sodia 20 Gauge O/U Shotgun With 26" Vent Rib Barrels, Choked IC/IC, 2 3/4" Chambers, Single Select Trigger, Auto Ejectors, False Sideplates, Beautiful Walnut Stock With Cheekpiece, 3-Piece Forend, Recoil Pad, Full Coverage Game Scene Engraved On Receiver, 98% Overall, Circa 1961 Mfg., C&R $2,350.00

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70085SEY Ken Hurst Custom, 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 30" Barrels, 2 3/4" Chambers, Choked Imp.Mod./Full, Lovely Engraving, Master Quality, Extra Fancy Checkered Wood, Double Triggers, Extractors, Nice Bores $3,250.00

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70084SEY Parker Model DH, 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 30" Barrels, 1901 Production, C&R, 2 3/4" Chambers, Choked Full/Mod., Double Triggers, Extractors, No Finish On Receiver But Nice Engraving, Barrels 80% Dulling Blue, Nice Bores, Wood Is 75% Finish And Nice, Good Mechanics $2,995.00

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69393PAT Remington Model 1100, 12 Gauge Semi-Auto With (2) Barrels, 26" Vent Rib Skeet & 26" Vent Rib With Screw-In Choke, Master Engraved & Gold Inlaid By Gino Cargnel, Two Gold Barrel Bands Each Barrel, Gold Bordered Receiver, Checkered Walnut, Engraved Silver Pistol Grip, 98-99% With Browning Carrying Case $3,495.00

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70164DOW Winchester 21 Grand American 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 2 Sets Of Barrels, Letters From Cody Museum, 28" IC/M Vent Rib, 30" ImpMod/Full Vent Rib, 21-6 Engraving Pattern, All Figures Gold Inlay, Carved 21-B Style On Wood, Auto Safety, Single Select Trigger, Auto Ejectors, Tan Case, Gun 99%, 1961, C&R $27,500.00

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