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Italy Summer 2007

During this trip I visited with Giovanna & Barbara Fausti of Fausti Stefano, Dennis Fontana of ART, William Saleri, Veronica Gelmini of Siace, Suzanna Chiappa of Chiappa Firearms, Pierangelo Pedersoli of Davide Pedersoli, Dario Cortini of the Cesare Giovanelli Engraving House, Luca Salvinelli of Investarm & Zanardini.


A view of Lake Iseo from my hotel "I Due Roccoli" in Brescia.

Another view of Lake Iseo.




Pierangelo Pedersoli's summer house, not quite complete.



Breakfast patio at "I Due Roccoli" looking over Lake Iseo.


Front view of "I Due Roccoli".



Veronica Gelmini of Siace and Elena Micheli-Lamboy. Elena was my translator who coordinated all my meetings.


More views of Lake Iseo from "I Due Roccoli".








Lovely little restaurant where I had lunch. Everything was fresh.


Great seafood place where Pierangelo Pedersoli had dinner.



One of the night shots on the shore of Lake Iseo.




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