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The IWA Show 2007-2008

Cherry’s has been attending the IWA Show in Nurnberg, Germany since 1992.  It is the European Shot Show where all the manufacturers, distributors and dealers come to see what is new and old in the firearms business.  We are an attendee, working during the day with the manufacturers and dealers.  At night we have dinners with our collectors, and friends.  It is a thoroughly enjoyable show.


Borovnik is one of the custom gun makers at the IWA show in Nurnberg, Germany

One of Borovnik's special guns.




Borovnik special engraved & gold inlaid gun.





Siace, one of our special order companies.



Veronica Gelmini & her cousin Fernando.


Zeiss booth at IWA.



Frankonia booth at IWA.


Winchester booth at IWA.



Purdey booth at IWA.


Pedersoli booth at IWA.



RWS booth at IWA.


Gurney Brown, Cherry's V.P. with Steve Fjestad, "Mr. Blue Book" and an unnamed waitress at Bohm's Herrenkeller.



Suzann Richter & friend Manuela at Bocksbeutel Stuben, a nice restaurant & bar in the Old City.



One of the old churches in the Old City.



Another old church in the Old City.


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